Welcome to the HRB Diabetes Collaborative Clinical Trial Network

The HRB Diabetes Collaborative Clinical Trial Network aims to bring together leading Irish Diabetes Researchers, Clinicians, and Patient Advocates from across the island of Ireland, to collaborate in clinical trials to improve the lives of all those with Diabetes.


About us

The HRB Diabetes Collaborative Clinical Trial Network is an all island collaborative network, that brings together key stakeholders to improve health and wellbeing for all patients with Diabetes through research and an active portfolio of trials …

Researcher Resources

Are you an early career Diabetes Researcher? Are you a clinician looking to upskill in clinical trials research?

If you are interested the educational resources provided by the network to researcher, in Diabetes research and clinical trials.

PPI Resources

It is foremost in the minds of the Network members, that all Network activities have patient and public involvement and are complimentary to the priorities of the national HSE Diabetes clinical care programme. Are you a Patient, Carer or member of the public interesting in contributing to Diabetes Clinical Trails in Ireland?

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