An all island collaborative network

The HRB Diabetes Collaborative Clinical Trial Network is an all island collaborative network, the aim is to bring together key stakeholders, and through working together, have an range of ambitious multi-centre diabetes clinical trials. These trials will have the aim to improve health and wellbeing for all patients with diabetes on the island of Ireland.

Through well planned research activities, where public and patient involvement is valued, and where feasibility and pilot work are completed to support definitive interventions, the networks plans to become internationally competitive for funding and deliver trials of highly significant scientific impact.

Key to this aim, is that all patients will be facilitated, regardless of geographical location or socioeconomic status, to participate in relevant trials through a well developed network of clinical sites supported by Clinical Research Facilities, Academic Institutions and the National Clinical Care programme in Diabetes.

This network is building further on national investment in clinical research facilities and networks, bringing together academics, clinicians, health professionals, patients, industry, charities and health care delivery networks to pioneer new and better treatment options for Diabetes patients.

The Network Activities for the first year will focus on development, in particular

Belfast HS

Dr. John Lindsay
  1. Establishing a transparent and sustainable governance structure.
  2. Establishing a patient and public panel, that will ensure that patient voice is at the heart of the network.
  3. Create a sustainability plan with a focus on national and international grant applications, alongside industry and SME financial and in-kind contributions.
  4. Create and catalogue educational resources for early career researchers in areas such as Good Clinical Practice, Good Laboratory Practice, GDPR, Ethics, Clinical Trial design.
  5. Network with industry partners, diabetes charities and patient advocate groups.
  6. Attract other researchers, so the researcher trial base will expand to cover other key areas e.g. diabetes in the Paediatric and Elderly populations.
  7. A comprehensive five year research strategy that will focus on areas of established expertise including Diabetes in Pregnancy, Technologies, Behavioural change interventions, Diabetes and foot disease, Diabetes and Advanced therapies, and all underpinned by Epidemiology and Health Economic Assessments.

It is foremost in the minds of the Network members, that all Network activities have patient and public involvement and are complimentary to the priorities of the national HSE Diabetes clinical care programme.

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