Day to Day Operation

The Day to day operation of the Network is the responsibility of the Core Working Group. The Core Working Group oversee the network coordination, communications and that the network objectives are achieved.

The Executive Management Committee is composed of network members who provide oversight of the Core Working Group, meeting quarterly to ensure that the network stays on track.

The External Advisory Committee is composed of experts from other clinical networks that can advise on best practises and external oversight on network activities.

The PPI panel is composed of members of the public and patients who are involved in all aspects of network activities. Ensuring the patient voice is at the heart of the research in the network.

The education and training panel is composed of network members who advise on courses and training opportunities for network members and early career researchers.

Core Working Group

Collaboration is the key to research.

When trying to solve a wide range of problems, a diverse set of solutions and ideas is needed. To get a diverse set of solutions and ideas, it is best to have a diverse network, who can share ideas freely though collaboration, to come up with unique and new ideas.

So the network is organised that all network members have access to each other and to the core working group and is centred on the idea that collaboration should be easy and open to all network members.

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