Public & Patient Involvement

It is foremost in the minds of the Network members, that all Network activities have patient and public involvement and are complimentary to the priorities of the national HSE Diabetes clinical care programme.

What is PPI?

PPI stands for Public and Patient Involvement
How does that work in clinical trials? PPI in research means that the people who are likely be affected by the results of the research are directly involved in, and shape, the decisions made in planning and conducting the research and interpreting and communicating the research results. With PPI, research is carried out “with” and “by” the public, rather that “to” “for” or “about” them.

How will this work in the Diabetes Collaborative Clinical Trial?
The Network aim is to have a range an ambitious multi-center diabetes clinical trials, with a PPI panel involved in from the beginning (writing the applications), middle (how the Trial is conducted including patient, recruitment, trial advertising, etc), and the end (What do the results show and what do they mean)

The PPI Ignite Network promotes excellence and inspires innovation in public and patient involvement (PPI) in health and social care research in Ireland.

Working with PPI Ignite, the aim of our Network is to embed PPI across the Diabetes Collaborative Clinical Trial Network.

You can learn more about PPI Ignite and PPI in University of Galway by clicking on the logos to the right.

Interested in contributing to diabetes health research?

If you are interested to join our Panel of patients, carers and members of the public who are interested in working with diabetic researchers.

We welcome queries from patients and patient organisations and from members of the public and community organisations with an interest in working with researchers, at NUI Galway in particular, to influence and shape research. 

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