D1 Now Study study successfully funded

The latest round of awards in the HRB Definitive Intervention and Feasibility Awards (DIFA) scheme has been announced. The network is very proud to announce that Professor Sean Dinneen has been successful in this round with the D1 Now application.

Since 2014, the research team and Young Adult Panel have worked together to develop a new intervention that can be used in clinic appointments. This intervention is called ‘D1 Now’ and it has two parts

  1. Agenda Setting Tool – a form used by young adults and healthcare professionals to identify topics to discuss and set goals together
  2. Support Worker – a buddy for young adults who is present at every clinic appointment and can be contacted in between appointments

From 2019-2021, a pilot version of the D1 Now intervention was trialed. The research team wanted to find out if the intervention was acceptable. Young adults and staff members liked the intervention, but some small changes were needed. Those changes have been implemented and the current funding will find out if the D1 Now intervention could improve outcomes relating to diabetes and quality of life.

To do this, the D1 New intervention will be part of a Randomised Controlled Trial in twelve diabetes centres. WSix of  the sites will be randomly picked to use the intervention for one year. The other six will keep doing their usual practice. Afterwards the research team will check to see if the young adults in the six intervention centres have better outcomes, do interviews with the participants involved to see what they think about the intervention. The findings will be published in journal articles, conference presentations, blog posts and social media posts.


For more information about the study and to contact the research team, you can find them by clicking here

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