Publication on Hybrid Closed Loop Therapy

Network Member Tomas Griffin is an author on the paper

Hybrid Closed Loop Therapy in Adults With Type 1 Diabetes and Above-Target HbA1c: A Real-World Observational Study

This paper published in Diabetes Care Journal looked at how Hybrid Closed Loop systems helped people living with type 1 diabetes improve their blood sugar control and their quality of life in the UK. The authors looked at how adults across 31 diabetes centers, using hybrid closed loop systems were affected, looking at a number of different things including sugar levels, diabetes management and how the user felt about using the system. This is the largest study of people using hybrid closed loop insulin pump systems, with 520 people taking part in the study. The results of this study showed that the users of the hybrid closed loop systems had better control, with less hyperglycemic events at follow up and a lot more time in range. The study also found that over 90% of participants were happy to continue with the hybrid closed loop systems and reported improved quality of life

Diagram of the methods for inclusion and results for the study

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