REDEFINE 2 Clinical Trial is now recruiting patients

Professor Fidelma Dunne is happy to announce that the REDEFINE 2 study has commenced and will be recruiting people on to the study.

The REDEFINE study is a randomised, placebo-controlled trial and will be investigating how well a new medicine, called CagriSema, works at lowering body weight versus the placebo.

 In addition to taking the medicine, you will have talks with study staff about the study medicine, healthy food choices, to help you be more physically active, eat healthier and lose weight.

The criteria for inclusion in the Redefine 2 trial. Participants can be included in the study if the have the following Type 2 Diabetes BMI greater than 27 HbA1C less than 10% Older than 18 years of age Willing and able to adhere to the study protocol

The study staff will explain the process to you in detail before you decide to participate.

Participation in a clinical study often means more visits to the clinic and more medical tests than you would normally have. The study staff may also call you between visits.

For more information you can contact the clinical study team at or the network at

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