Dr. Alberto Alvarez-Iglesias

University Of Galway

Dr. Alberto Alvarez-Iglesias

Executive Management Committee
School of Medicine HRB Clinical Research Facility Galway

Dr Alberto Alvarez-Iglesias is a Lecturer in Medical Statistics with the School of Medicine HRB Clinical Research Facility Galway. He plays a leading role organising and conducting meetings within the Biostatistics and Data Management research teams at CRFG to clarify objectives, develop teamwork plans/timetables for research and support staff and to communicate progress.

He is an experienced biostatistician, with specific expertise in the statistical analysis of regulated clinical trials. He has developed an in-house statistical process that ensures reproducible, transparent, validated, and robust reporting system which is in compliance with current regulations. He has written numerous Statistical Analysis Plans as well as final technical reports for several multicentre oncology trials, providing statistical considerations for trial protocols (design, data collection, sample size calculations etc.) and advising on presentation and interpretation of results for publications, all in collaboration with the Statistics and Data Management team in the Biometric Unit at Cancer Trials Ireland.

In addition to this, Dr Alvarez-Iglesias has a convincing track record of collaborative and primary research in Biostatistics resulting in publications in leading statistical journals. He also has experience as statistical consultant, providing professional advice for different biomedical research groups at the National University of Ireland Galway.

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