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Michael Skarlatos

Type 1 Diabetes Priority Setting Partnership Steering Committee
Leicester Diabetes Centre

Tell us a little about yourself? 

Hi there! My name is Michael Skarlatos, and I am a highly experienced and dedicated Dietitian with a specialist focus on diabetes management, behavior change, and a strong background in education and research. Currently, I work as an Education and Research Associate at the prestigious Leicester Diabetes Centre, where I lead in the development of complex educational interventions for healthcare professionals and research participants.

With my role at the Leicester Diabetes Centre, I am responsible for project management, implementing and translating education and research outcomes into clinical practice, as well as undertaking education, research, and service development. I also support the submission of grants and bids for future education and research, and I have had the opportunity to present my original education and research work locally, nationally, and internationally. As a clinical educator, researcher, and professional resource, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team.

I also currently work as a Senior Diabetes Specialist Dietitian at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust. In this role, I assess patients’ dietary needs, provide tailored interventions, and educate individuals on healthy eating and lifestyle changes. I have a specialist interest in Type 1 Diabetes management and support patient education programmes like ‘DAFNE’. I collaborate closely with physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers to ensure comprehensive patient care. Staying up to date with the latest diabetes research and developments, I incorporate this knowledge into my practice to deliver the highest standard of care. I also actively participate in quality improvement initiatives and engaged in ongoing professional development activities.

I hold a Master of Science (MSc) level qualification in Supplementary Prescribing from Coventry University. Additionally, I obtained a Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) in Nutrition and Dietetics from Leeds Beckett University. My academic background, combined with my extensive practical experience, allows me to provide evidence-based and patient-centered care.

Beyond my professional life, I have a keen interest in the outdoors. I enjoy hiking and camping during the summer, embracing the beauty of nature. I am a self-proclaimed foodie and love trying new recipes and experimenting with different cuisines in the kitchen. Staying active is important to me, and I participate in regular fitness challenges to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, I am enthusiastic about traveling and exploring new destinations.

What’s the one thing you wish everyone know about diabetes? 

The challenge living with Diabetes has on day-to-day life, and the benefits newer therapies and technologies offer.

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